It has to stick in your mind that, chances of a bed bug infestation in Kenyan grow day by day. If you thought that bed bugs are for the dirty , then you are very wrong! They can be found in any house. Bed bugs are very annoying. During the day they can really be an embarrassment. They are easily spread but difficult to control. They hide during the daytime only to come out at night to feed on the hosts’ blood. 

Adult bed bugs are brown to reddish brown. They are oval in shape with a flattened body. They can easily hide in tiny cracks and crevices due to their flat body shape. They like hiding in dark and isolated areas. You will find them in skirting board, wardrobes, and bedside cabinets, underneath carpets, bed frames and headboard crevices. Hotels are not spared either! You will find bedbugs in the high-class hotels.   Say Bye To Bed  We offer best control for Bed Bugs  countrywide. A traveler’s biggest fear is waking up in a hotel bed (or even your own bed!) with tell-tale bed bug bites and droplets of blood on the sheets. As more and more Kenyans travel abroad and international travelers visit this country, so the chances of a bed bug infestation in Kenyan hotels and homes increase day by day.

That shows the importance of having the experts in pest control as your bed bug fighting partner to grant you 100% assurance.

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