GO-WIDE Disinfection and Sanitization Treatments go above and beyond a typical deep clean treatment. While sanitizing, a wet mist of disinfection solution is sprayed in a room and allowed to settle on surfaces to start its work. As with any disinfecting and sanitization service, it is important all surfaces are free and clear of clutter, food, paper and any other objects that will not allow our team access to key areas.

What makes this service so effective is how we incorporate multiple methods of product application as a part of our indoor disinfectant regimen.
Our Service Team will focus on hard to reach areas and high contact locations. By utilizing various methods, this allows the disinfectant to reach the surface promoting a stronger antibacterial and antiviral effect.
Before each disinfection and sanitizing treatment we will review our prep sheet describing how to prepare for your treatment. We also require all our customers who enlist in the disinfection and sanitizing service, to remain outside of their business for 2 hours or until the product has thoroughly dried after the treatment is completed. The unique disinfectant blend we use for sanitization treatments has a fresh citrus scent and won’t leave a film or residue.
We recommend treatment take place in 60 days or  14 days to decrease the spread of viruses and bacteria.